Brand New MTB Warranty

The More Than Bikes Warranty

Warranty Details for Ebikes

Your warranty covers core components like

  • Batteries for 6 months against defects
  • Motor and frame 12 months against defects
  • Brake pads not covered
  • Controller for 12 months against defects
  • All other components come with a 30 day warranty against defects unless specified

Cost for Warranty is $149

Ebike must undergo an inspection in 5 months in order to maintain the warranty ($75 cost)

Proper care for your ebike

  • Ebikes stored outdoors should be covered and not exposed to the elements
  • Tire air pressure should be checked and maintained with required psi specifications located on tires once a week.
  • Batteries must be kept charged at all times after every ride. In storage batteries should be charged once a month and be kept from freezing. Improper stored or swollen batteries will not be covered under warranty.
  • Chargers must be kept dry. Chargers should not be left in your ebike while traveling unless it is in the original box and kept from bouncing around and must be secured.
  • IMPORTANT****Always plug your ebike or battery in first then into wall outlet, when removing the charger remove from the outlet first then the ebike or battery.
  • Never charge your ebike outside in case of rain or moisture. Chargers with visible damage will not be covered under warranty Water damage or neglecting the charger will not be covered under warranty.
    •  Chargers come with a 30 day warranty against defects

What is not covered under warranty

Bulbs, inner tubes, tires, trunk boxes, accessories, flat tires, racks, wheel rims, body fairing breakage, horns ,kickstands, seats, hinges, bearings, switches

Transportation cost to an authorized dealer repair location is the owner’s responsibility.


What will void your warranty during the one year period is abuse, misuse, neglect, accidents( including those due to improper maintenance) external environmental corrosion including salt corrosion, water damage, modifications vehicle overload, damage caused by the user and any service  performed by an unauthorized person or unauthorized dealer. Flat tires/tubes for rear motor must be repaired by an authorized dealer to maintain lifetime warranty on motor.

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