The little brother of the new Arrow, the Daymak Swift is a slimmer lighter version of the popular new ebike. The Daymak Swift has a similar edgy fairing style giving it a sporty and modern design. What the Swift lacks in outright power it is more than made up for in convenience. With its 48V 20Ah lithium ion battery pack, easily remove the battery pack and charge it inside your home or office. The Daymak Swift features 18650 lithium ion cells that charge in 4 hours and can charge up to 1000 cycles before needing replacement. The lightweight Daymak Swift is the perfect bike for those in condos and apartment buildings who can’t charge their bike outside. Get the Daymak Swift ebike now available.

  • 500 Watt motor
  • 60V 20ah Lithium Battery pack
  • 40km range
  • Digital Guages
  • Disc and Hydraulic Brakes
  • 4 hours to charge
  • Colours Black, Red, or Blue

Price is $2499 plus GST and PST

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