Paris 36V



The brand new 36V 9AH Paris Ebike is here. We combined the economic prices of the 24V Paris and upgraded the battery and motor power gear set and more! The 36V Paris is a step through ebike that is simple to hop and ride and with it’s 19” frame, it is great for smaller riders. The 36V Paris also comes with and internal battery pack in the frame, giving it a more clean and elegant look. If you are still looking to get a bit of exercise the Paris 36V ebike comes with a 6 Speed Shimano Tourney TZ quick shift set to provide easy and seamless shifting between gears. It also comes with dual disc brakes for quick an effective stopping power, and front shocks for a smooth ride. So get your hands on the 2017 Paris ebike, available now in black and white.


$1299 plus shipping, taxes, and pdi

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