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Pocket Bike

Rip it on the electric pocket bike the EF2, the 1000W crotch rocket. These mini motorcycles have enough power to do a wheelie, with no gas! The perfect pocket bike with to ride down the street and impress your friends. The EF2 pocket bike comes with a governor so you can slow it down enough so the youngest of motorcycle grand prix fans can get in the mix. Can do 30 km on one charge, then simply charge it up for more hours of fun. The EF2 comes in 7 colours, so you can floor it in style. Get the crotch rocket that steals the show on the road. Get the pocket bike EF2

$579 plus shipping and taxes


Dirt Bike

Make your own motocross with the electric dirt bike the Daymak Pithog. Climb hills, go off jumps and race your friends on this mini dirt bike. Perfect for youth, the Pithog is THE way to get started in the motocross world. Hitting speeds of 30 km/h and going for an hour straight without charge you can boot around the trails for tons of fun. This fully automatic dirt bike requires no gas, and no kick or pull starts. After your done just plug the dirt bike in for a few hours and get back out there. Comes in 5 different colours which you can mix and match with your friends for endless possibilities. Eat dirt hills for breakfast and get your Pithog today.

$799 plus shipping and taxes



There is also mini scooters and 6v and 12v cars.



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