Odyssey 60V


The Odyssey is a Newest 60v scooter to join Daymak’s line up. Our sleek new ebike from 2018. Its beautiful curves and contours make it feel united from bumper to bumper. The Odyssey has a built in LED display that shows battery meter, speed and more whether its high noon or the middle of the night. It’s compact size is great for storing in compact quarters while still giving the pep and range of a 60V 20ah ebike. Also, the Odyssey ebike has a bright halo LED headlights to ensure that you have visibility throughout the night. The Odyssey is a great for entry ebike and ebike veterans alike. With the Daymak Drive Bluetooth controller, take control of the performance of your ebike like no other on the market. Take a trip on the Daymak Odyssey and create your own story.


The Odyssey comes in black, blue and red

  • 500 watt motor

  • 60V SLA Battery

  • Cable and drum Brakes

  • 40 to 60 kms range

  • 15 degree incline

  • 6-8 hour charge time

  • Price 1837 plus taxes