Emmo Hornet X

48v 20ah SLA Battery pack
Removable Battery box
500 watt motor
Can be a double battery pack scooter also a 60v version

  • 48V20Ah Lead Acid :          $ 2199
    60V/20Ah Lead Acid:          $ 2399
    48V/30Ah Lithium:          $ 3099
    48V/50Ah Lithium:          $ 3799
    60V/30Ah Lithium:          $ 3449
    60V/50Ah Lithium:          $ 4249
    Dual 48V/30Ah+48V/30Ah Lithium:          $ 4149
    Dual 48V/50Ah+48V/30Ah Lithium:          $ 4849
    Dual 60V/30Ah+60V/30Ah Lithium:          $ 4649
    Dual 60V/50Ah+60V/30Ah Lithium:          $ 5449
  • Before Taxes
BatterySingle or Dual (48V/60V) Sealed Gel Lead-Acid or Lithium
Charging Time3 – 10 Hours
Climbing Angle25 Degrees
ColorBlack; Red/Black; Blue/Black
Dimension (LxWxH)190 x 67 x 113 (cm)
Front BrakeHydraulic Disk Brake
Rear BrakeHydraulic Disk Brake
Lighting and Signaling SystemLED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light
Load Capacity200 kg
Lock and Security SystemRemote Alarm / Remote Starter / Key Ignition Lock / Steer Lock / E-Motor Lock
Meter & IndicatorSpeedometer, Odometer, Battery Strength Indicator, Light Indicator
MotorQS 500W Continuous Output Motor
Net Weight90~120 kg
StorageUnder Seat Storage; Tail Box
Travel DistanceUp to 185 km
TireTubeless 16 x 3.0 Tire
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