Boomerbuggy Beast

The Boomer Beast is the latest installment of the Beast line. This is the first true on road and off road mobility scooter on the market today. The Boomer Beast available features include AWD system, large capacity lead acid or lithium battery pack, solar trickle charging to extend your range and battery life, programmable LED lights, and all Boomerbeast can be customize by the rider using the Daymak Drive App. The Boomer Beast can tackle any terrain from your city streets to the toughest dirt roads!

This is a really custom scooter there are three levels to this one just like the normal beast. But with a axle in the back and a full seat.


  • 1000w motor in rear
  • 60v 30ah sla battery
  • range 50kms
  • 10 degree incline
  • 21 inch tires
  • Price $3799


  • 1000 watt rear motor
  • 60v 45ah lithium battery
  • hydraulic disc front and rear
  •  25 degree incline
  • 21 inch tires
  • range 60 kms
  • Price $5999


  • 1000 watt rear motor
  • 60v 25ah LTO battery
  • TBO
  • the new Lithium Titanium battery pack
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