2 Wheel drive ATVs


Sasquatch Jr    $899

  • Kids Electric ATV 

  • 20kmh

  • 20-30 km range

  • 12 v sla battery

Grunt  $1599

  • 48v sla battery

  • 800W 

  • speedometer 3 speed control 

  •  LED tail light 

  • full chain guard 

  • 16 X 8.7 TIRE

  • Great for kids ages 6-12 years old

Sasquatch 1000 $1999

  • Great ATV for riding at the cottage or dirt trails Recommended for ages 6-12. It is fully automatic for easy riding with no shifting required. It is equipped with headlights, rear brake lights, and reflectors. Top speed of up to 30 km/h on level terrain. Features front cable and rear hydraulic brakes for quick stopping, safety tether and heavy Duty All Terrain Tires. Equipped with the new Daymak Drive Bluetooth Controller, the user can now tweak torque, top speed, and even lock the motor!

  •  1000W motor

  • Battery: 48V

  • Weight: 50kg

  • Top Speed: 30km/h

  • Tires: 19 x 7.8 tire

Sasquatch 23   $3499

  • The full sized electric ATV the Sasquatch 23 stands at about 4 feet tall is a perfect size for any rider. Coming with the largest tires in the Sasquatch series, these 23” tires make for the easiest off-road trail making yet. The Sasquatch 23 also comes with a trailer hitch ball. It also comes with 1000W motor giving you as much power as a gas ATV without the noise or pollution. Best of all the Sasquatch 23 comes with a Bluetooth controller where you can change the administrative settings to limit speed, increase range or even lock the motor to prevent theft. All of this can be adjusted on the fly with any Android. This is the world’s first Bluetooth operated electric ATV and you can only get it here. Take the trails by storm and do it quietly with the Sasquatch 23.

  • 1000w motor

  • 60V sla battery pack

  • 1000 lbs pulling

4X4 Atvs in the Beast Line up

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