About Us

We are a family owned business that is here to help you in finding the electric bike, scooter, atv, mobility scooters or little toy cars, whatever you are looking for

Daymak has been in Toronto and most of the Ontario area since 2001. With the largest selection in product we should be able to find the right scooter for you.

We are part of the Canadian Electric Bike Association, and have been trained in Hamilton, Ontario to work on Electric Bikes and Scooters. We can handle any problem you may have with your bike.


  • Monday                   10am – 5pm
  • Tuesday                   10am – 5pm
  • Wednesday             10am – 5pm
  • Thursday                 10am – 5pm
  • Friday                       10am – 5pm
  • Saturday                  12am – 5pm
  • Sunday                    Closed

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