Save Your Insurance and Gas Money!

Electric Bikes and Electric Scooter Do NOT require a licence or insurance, Only require to be at least 16 Years old and a Helmet! A Gas scooter starts around $5000 plus require a licence and insurance Our scooters range from $999 to $5000. With your gas scooter you can not ride in the bike lane, with a electric scooter you can ride in the bike lane while only cost you about 25 cents to charge it each time you plug it in.

New Product Calgary and Vancouver! 


Under the Other Products there is Accessories Now Added Check Them Out While there is a Sale on  


Rogue Commercial
Price $2299 + warranty and taxes

EM1 Commercial
Price $1999 + warranty and taxes


EM2  Our Biggest Motorcycle Styled Scooters


4×4 Beast ATV



12v Cars:


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